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A new mattress is needed because when you sleep on an old mattress you miss out on the good sleep and support your mind and body needs to wake refreshed in the morning.
Every 5-7 years. Even if your mattress doesn’t show much wear and tear, your body, lifestyle and sleep needs have probably changed. If your mattress is 5-7 years older, so are you! Has your weight changed, have you gotten married, developed back problems, or do you have a less active lifestyle? That old mattress may no longer be the best fit for the person you are today. In fact in a Consumer Reports study showed that 72% of polled online subscribers found a new bed improved their sleep.
Most mattresses need replacing, on average, after eight to ten years. The original quality of the mattress set, the amount of use and the weight of the sleeper(s) are among the factors that impact the length of time a mattress can sustain comfort and support. A mattress warranty should not be used as an indicator of how long a mattress will provide you with a good night’s rest. Our bodies change over time and the quality of the comfort and support a mattress provides should be evaluated every few years as a result.
Never use a cleaning product because it can breakdown your comfort layers. The best and easiest way is by placing a waterproof mattress protector on your new mattress.
Twin 39″X75″  |  Full 54″X75″  |  Queen 60″X80″  |  King 76″X80″  Custom sizes including Twin XL (39”x80”), California King (72”x84”) and split queen box springs are not available online but can be purchased in a local Sleep Plus USA store or by calling (850) 888-0070.
Most mattresses are now no flip which means it will continue to give you comfort and support without having to flip it or rotate it. Having comfort layers on both sides can actually cause the materials to break down faster.
Firm is not always the best. The best mattress will be the one that feels the most comfortable and supportive to you.
Contact your sales person for assistance. If you require assistance in initiating a warranty claim, you may also call ( 774 ) 244-3334 and speak to our Customer Service Department.
Investing in a waterproof mattress protector is the easiest way to protect the manufacturer’s limited warranty on your mattress. Should a problem arise with your mattress, it must be free of stains in order to qualify for a warranty exchange or repair. In addition to keeping your mattress free of stains, many mattress protectors also have the ability to repel dust mites and protect you from allergens.
Beginning July 1st, 2007, all mattresses being manufactured must meet the new Federal Government Law on F.R., “Flammability Regulations.” This law requires that every mattress set must have a label stating that it meets the federal standard. This regulation requires that mattresses be significantly more resistant to an open flame than previously outlined in individual state rulings. All Mattress Discounters mattresses now meet these new flammability regulations, by way of fire-resistant fiber barriers, not with the use of hazardous chemicals. The new F.R. Law is designed in the case of a fire and will give homeowners an extra 20-30 minutes to escape the bedroom. It also provides firefighters more time to get into a home, thus preventing further damage. It is estimated that this new law, now in effect, will save 270 lives each year and prevent as many as 1,330 injuries.
The transition from crib to bed is a significant event for a child. Due to the risk of injury associated with cribs, it is recommended that children switch to an adult-size bed as soon as they can climb out of a crib, or once they reach 35 inches in height. Most children move from crib to bed between the ages of two and three years old.

HINT:Children spend a great deal of their growing-years in bed. A child’s active, developing body requires a mattress set that offers comfort and support, traits that hand-me-down or used sleep products cannot provide. While many parents continue to purchase twin-size sleep sets for their children, recent industry statistics show a rise in the number of parents selecting full-size or “double” beds for their children. Space permitting, a larger-sized bed will allow for greater freedom of movement and can provide more comfort for both parent and child during quiet talks and bedtime stories.